List By @takenbytaknyc

Words by Marcus Aurelius


10. Coco Austin.

Ice-T’s wife is the biggest white girl in this Black genre. She’s holding on top AND bottom. Her covers STILL move units.


9. India Love.

Miss “Meet The Westerbrooks” is holding it down very well up to for a number 9 slot on this list.


8. Rita G.

OG Rita G has always been bad. She was running the internet since late 90’s and is STILL banging. Her whole shape is ill, but she’s topping it off with a nice set.

Rita G


7. Chessika.

Shorty came in and out the game real quick, but she was holding something serious.



6. Sheneka Adams.

Sheneka’s extremely natural looking drops fit her frame perfect.



5. Cat Washington.

Cat is the whole package. Top and bottom heavy. Natural chocolate wins all day.


4. Siamone Lauryn.

Shorty got LUNGS. Tiny ass waist with LUNGS.


3. Miss Faren.

Ceiling to floor BAD. Breasts you can drink shots off of.


2. Kash Santiago.

Pillow HEAVEN. These shits look like they WARM in between. I wanna listen to her HEARTBEAT for REAL.


1. Esther Baxter.

Dude…When that Petey Pablo video came on it was like…  WHO….theeee….FUCK!?! The GOAT of Urban Video breast detail. The Pam Grier of this shit. Nobody should have an issue with E. Baxter tipping this list. I’ll wait…..

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